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International Student Exchange

In the time of competitions worldwide, it is essential for we people in Taiwan to cultivate solid global views and abilities in using English. To achieve this goal, from 1994, College of Management has devoted to expanding alliances and holding exchange visits with celebrated universities and colleges overseas, including the United States of America, Germany, the Netherlands, the Republic of Finland, Kingdom of Denmark, Japan, and China. , the content includes the big four pair of degrees, a semester, one month and two week-long exchange plan, In addition, also opens specially by the pure English teaches it “the international communication course” because, so that each kind of factor can send is unable student of the study abroad also to be able to have the opportunity to participate in the internationalization activity. At present each exchange event receives the entire College of Management teachers' and students' warm participation and the support, its participation population has surpassed 800 people, in the future each exchange event will be richer diverse, will carry on the exchange the sisters school to be also more, the teachers and students population which will find benefit will also continue to increase Foresee, will manage the institute to construct goal of the teachers and students internationalization learning environment to be possible to complete gradually, so that teachers' and students' study and the globalized synchronization, can contribute in the future study in the society.